Tom O'Hern 10 Questions

What’s in your pocket?
One dollar with Edmund Barton on it.

If you could add a colour to the rainbow?
Chrome. Like Aussie Export chrome spray paint from Chickenfeed.

Favourite extinct animal?
Thylacine for sure. Though maybe the Frogodile.

What the longest time you’ve stayed awake?
Quite a while, I used to get insomnia flipping terrible and life just kind of turned into a half lucid dream.

Ever broken a bone?
Toe on a skateboard with no shoes. Rib on a bike. Pelvis and a bit of my back in a boat crash.

Never use the Internet again or never draw again?
Never use the Internet. Freedom from the child devouring mechanical messiah.

Favourite ancient art?
Oooooh depends how ancient. Really early Greek pottery when it’s a bit more abstract and less classical is the best thing ever. Western civilisation should have stopped there.

Full cream milk, low fat milk, or other?
Soy boy.

Any conspiracy theories that you might believe in?
MSG is actually not that bad for you.

What’s your most productive time of the day?
About 4 - 8 and 10 - 12.

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