Ryder Ripps 10 Questions

Do you tie your left shoe or your right shoe first?

Could you tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi blindfolded? 
This is like asking can you tell the difference between lethal injection or decapitation if you were blindfolded, why does it matter? It’s already too late.

Sunrise or sunset? 
Sunrise, it’s more promising.

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
4 days.

When was the last time you purchased a physical CD?
Uhhh like 20 years ago? I started pirating music when i was 13.

If you could take any building from anywhere else in the world and transplant it to NYC what would you do?
I would try to find someone really rich to sell that power to so I could invest in something more worthwhile because I don’t care about dealing with a building in NYC or particularly want to be in NYC. 

Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Cats, they are people.

How long can you spend in an art gallery before you get bored or fatigued and want to leave? 
Depends on the art no? Kinda retarded question… usually like a few seconds because most art shown in galleries is a scam and pathetic void/waste.

What did you have for dinner two nights ago?
Steak and potatoes.

How long can you hold your breath? 
Are you trying to kill me? Don’t tempt me!

Photo by Zach Sokol. Click image for link to his in depth article at  Vice .

Photo by Zach Sokol. Click image for link to his in depth article at Vice.

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