Minna Leunig 10 Questions

Are you right or left handed?
Right. But I hold my knife in my left hand which is opposite to most people I think. So maybe I’m a little bit ambidextrous.

Could you tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi blindfolded? 
Probably not, I barely drink either. The only time I ever drink coke is on rare occasion I feel monstrously ill, like queasy… it settles my stomach like nothing else.

Which colour is more luxurious, black or white? 
Inherently neither. It depends on the thing itself. 

What's the longest you've slept for without waking up?
Maybe 12 or 13 hours - jet lag.

When was the last time you purchased a physical DVD?
I’ve never purchased a DVD in my life!

Would you rather go back in time 100 years or forward 100 years?
Tricky question. 100 years back would be tough as a woman. 100 years into the future could be a bit frightening with climate change and all - but I’m curious about where we’re headed. I want to find out. So let’s go 100 years forward.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?
I connect more with dogs. I respect cats, but they’re a bit of an enigma.

How long can you spend in an art gallery before you get bored or fatigued and want to leave? 
An hour and a half is good for me. After that I start to feel drained. Something about contemplating and engaging with art is tiring.

What feels more wrong, eating breakfast food for dinner or dinner food for breakfast?
I eat leftover dinner for breakfast all the time! Never been a huge breakfast food fan. Dinner all the way for everything.

How long can you hold your breath? 
1 minute 50 seconds (just timed myself for the first time in a long time)!

Leunig at work on one of her murals. Click to see more.

Leunig at work on one of her murals. Click to see more.

Minna Leunig has a solo show opening May 3rd at Outré Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria