Jonny Scholes 10 Questions

What did you have for lunch two days ago?
A pie from Steve’s Pies in Queenstown. Sauce is still free there.

Go back in time 100 years or forward 100 years?
Forward I guess. I know how fucked up the past was... At least I'd be learning something new going forward.

Sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise. Most of the time it means I've gotten up early enough to have a really productive day.

Favourite bird?
Probably chickens. Or those ones you hear in the bush that go "do do do doo-it".

How long can you spend in a museum before you get fatigue?
If there is (good) food in the museum (rare) I can spend a whole day (unless it's all very same-y). Otherwise it depends how long it's been since the last meal.

Favourite arcade game?
There was this game on (does that count?) which my primary school friends and I used to secretly go and play at Kingston library whilst waiting for the bus. You shot down helicopters with grappling hooks and such. It was a bit "America fuck yeah" for my current taste, but this was before I'd really grappled with how warmongering and gaming can go hand in hand.

What the longest you've slept without waking up?
Within memory, 10 hours but I had a general anaesthetic for pretty major facial surgery when I was 7. I was probably out cold for longer then.

Ever run from the cops?
A few times. Running away from a shop owner who's bin you've just dived is much more terrifying though. They get really angry for some reason.

Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset. It means the most productive part of the day is about to start!

Favourite website?
Wikipedia. There was this website called Ffffound which was rad but it's closed down now.