Tasmania by Drone

Pictures are all around us: on laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads, in magazines, newspapers, books, and even – still – hanging on walls of buildings. It is through pictures just as much as words that we think, imagine, and try to understand the world. Photographs are the most common type of picture because technology has made them so simple to capture and easy to distribute. The latest leap in picture creation given to us by technology is drone photography. Any picture (photography or otherwise) is an account of looking at something. It’s not just the thing inside the image, it’s the perception of that thing also. And drones present us with angles previously unavailable. To get a bird’s eye view we need not hire a helicopter and have access to developing lab. In the morning anyone can buy a drone, by late afternoon they might be flying and capturing images, then in the evening they can be posted online for everyone to view. Tasmania is a good place to fly drones because there’s a lot of wide open space to do it safely without annoying too many people. If the photos themselves are interesting it’s 90% because the locations are interesting and 10% because of the photographer. As with all photos tacit credit goes to the inventor of device.