Rob Sitch: Father Formerly Known As Comedian

Rob Sitch was on fire during the 90s. His prolific output included The Late ShowFrontline and The Castle - all classics. Audiences loved him. But then he somehow became less funny, walking off the stage with the curtain still up. In retrospect this seems to have happened around the time he stopped being such a prominent member on The Panel. Not coincidently this was also around the time that he began establishing what would become a large family. Jane Kennedy and he have five children together. Kids ask their fathers why they make such lame jokes. The answer is the questioner. It happens to a lot of men, the burden of fatherhood stunts their freedom to be subversive.  Humour tends to arise when something seems wrong, unsettling, or threatening (a kind of violation), but simultaneously seems okay, acceptable, or safe.  Once you have kids you're meant to be responsible, so you close the door to the room in your mind were you keep the bad things. The exact same thing happened to Eddie Murphy, who concluded he couldn't do anymore Raw-style stand up shows once he was parent. And these days he's most famous for voicing a cartoon donkey. Rob Sitch is still a legend, obviously. If he'd been born in the UK and produced the same level of content over there he'd now be in the Pantheon with John Cleese and Ricky Gervais. He's still active, since 2000 he has produced over a dozen television shows but none of them have come close to the content he made before fully settling down. In 2012 Any Questions for Ben? was released in cinemas and it bombed hard. It felt like the old bloke at the party trying to trick the young people into thinking he was still hip and with it. Things change. Several generations of comedians have come up behind Rob Sitch now and he's almost just another face in the background. To many people he could be any other parent lifting groceries into the boot of their 4WD at the Coles car park. But let it not be forgotten that for a considerable period of time Rob Sitch was pretty much the funniest person in the whole world. 

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