Kozy Kitchens 10 Questions

What did you have for lunch two days ago?
Leftover breakfast.

Do you have a favourite painter?
Tanaka Isson at this moment. 

What's your favourite ancient culture in terms of art?
Jomon. I love their clay figures. 

Do you have a favourite bird?
I like sleeping to the songs of northern mockingbirds. 

Go back in time 100 years or forward 100 years?
I would go back in time 100 years because I would like to see the natural world we have destroyed last 100 years. We will be living on plastic trash islands in like 50 years with less biodiversity and I don’t want to see that. 

How long can you spend in a museum before you get fatigue? 
45 minutes to 90 minutes. 

What's in your pockets?
Usually a lot of dried up flagrant leaves and flowers I found on trails and gardens 

Have you ever travelled from one country to another on a boat?

Favourite extinct animal?
Dodo. I thought dodos ate horses when I was little. In my childish imagination, they were huge.